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LEDs are quickly changing the lighting industry as we know it. Their benefits can be seen in a vast amount of applications. Let S3J adopt it to yours!

"No other lighting technology offers us as much potential to save energy and enhance the quality of our building environments, contributing to our nation's energy and climate change solutions."

- US Department of Energy


S3J’s Payback Calculator

Efficiency, meet your maker. S3J Electronics has designed its very own Payback Calculator, which might very well be the easiest to use LED financial tool available today.

By simply inputting some basic information pertaining to your existing fixtures, and proposed LED solutions, you can see an abundance of financial data: energy savings, maintenance savings, cost of materials and installation, payback period, rate of return, and 7 year return on investment; all on 1 page. Wow.

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Product Feature: WHB-130

S3J WHBL Light

S3J Electronics is proud to introduce the New 2014 130/160/200 Watt LED High Bay. This state of the art High Bay is capable of reaching Design Light Consortium’s 10,000 lumen and zonal light distribution requirement using only 128 Watts.


Other features include:

  • 30% lumen depreciation > 80,000 hours
  • LED Luminous efficacy > 130 lm/w @ 25° C
  • Power factor > 95%
  • 11,600lm @130W
  • 13,469lm @160W
  • 19,432lm @245W

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Leader of the Wall-Pack

S3J Electronics’ LED Wall Packs: The Alpha Males of Wall Pack Lighting Technology. Capable of achieving up to 80% energy reduction, the WWP106 comes in at either 36 or 56 Watts, and can replace up to a 400 W HID fixture. Other features include:

  • CCT: > 5000K
  • CRI: > 75 Ra
  • LED Luminous efficacy >110 lm/W @ 25° C
  • 30% Lumen Degradation: > 80,000 Hours

It’s safe to say S3J Electronics Wall Packs really Pack-A-Punch. Case & Point: S3J Wall Packs were recently installed in a few NY State Prisons, and since that time not a single prisoner has escaped. Coincidence? We think not.

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